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The Qdos Group

The Qdos Group announces New Board

Qdos new boardMark Walker, Ashley Horton, Jeremy Butler and Seb Maley

Qdos not only promotes succession planning and organic growth, but in the words of Steve Greenwell CEO, who has stepped back and appointed Ashley Horton as the new CEO, “we are quite simply practicing what we preach”.

“All of the new board have been with the firm for over 10-years and they have all the experience and enthusiasm required to take the business forward to the next level”, says Steve who, in his role of Executive Chairman, will be concentrating on a number of high level special projects.

Further changes to the board see Brendan Dawson handing over control of Qdos Broker & Underwriting Services to Jeremy Butler who becomes MD, Jeremy will also take responsibility for Qdos Legal and Qdos Contractor. Seb Maley has been promoted to MD of Qdos Accounting and Mark Walker replaces Ashley Horton as Finance Director.

Brendan Dawson will continue as MD of Qdos Vantage and Qdos Global, he will focus on driving these two new businesses but he will also maintain a watching brief as a consultant for Qdos Broker & Underwriting Services