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The Qdos Group

The Qdos Group listed in Grant Thornton & CBI East Midlands Top 200 Report

EM Top 200 Companies

The Top 200 fastest growing companies in the East Midlands report, published by Grant Thornton and the CBI, showcases the fastest growing businesses in the region.

The companies who feature on the list, according the report, ‘have excelled in beating the competition in one of the highest growth parts of one of the fastest growing developed economies in the world’. Astonishingly the companies in the region have on average increased their profits by 31.6% year on year for the last 3 years, which is a significant achievement on its own.

The basis of the report is built on thorough analysis of the public accounts of each of the 200 businesses featured which have ‘delivered the greatest sustained growth in profit before tax, interest and exceptional items.

Ashley Horton, CEO of The Qdos Group, who was at the unveiling event on May 6th, had this to say about his company being featured for the first time:“Qdos won a number of prestigious trade awards in 2015 and were included in the London Stock Exchange 1000 companies to Inspire Britain earlier in 2016 but to be recognised in the Top 200 fastest growing companies in the East Midlands where we are based is particularly gratifying and recognition for the employees here at Qdos for all of their hard work”