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Qdos Global are sponsoring The Amigos cycling team all in aid of Welsh Charity- My Cariad.

The Amigos are a group of cyclists that complete various challenges all aimed at raising money for My Cariad. The charity, whose name means  ‘My Love’, was set up by a heart attack survivor who lived purely because there was a defibrillator in the vicinity where she suffered her attack. Their aim is to raise money to put defibrillators in schools in Wales and any other public building. All money raised by the charity gets spent on these life saving machines.

The latest Amigos challenge started in Llanelli on 16th September and goes for 900 miles over 9 days. They visit London and have an audience with the PM, visit Edinburgh, Belfast and then back to Llanelli.  All is going well so far and other than some aches and pains and a bunch of punctures each, they are making good time.

The Amigos rely on sponsorship to pay expenses like fuel for the support car, ferry charges and the like. Qdos Global have provided the group with a donation to assist with expenses on their latest trip. You will see the Qdos Global logo appearing on the cyclists shirts and on the support car that crawls along beside or behind them. The team have some other huge supporters from Tesco who supplies all food gratis and the fire service who allow them to sleep in their dorms at the end of each day. The treasurer of the Amigos and also auditor of My Cariad is an accountant from Taxassist Llanelli who donates his time for free and also is a key member of the cyclists doing all the planning and booking for them.

As for the money raised for charity, the team are about a quarter of the way towards their target but all and sponsorship helps. To make a donation visit their Everyclick Page- The Amigos on a Mission