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The Qdos Group

Qdos discovers hidden talents of one special staff member

Qdos employee writes a book

Do you know what your staff are up to in their spare time?  This question is asked more from interest rather than nosiness!  People are more than what they do at work on a daily basis and this is especially true when it comes to one of our employment law advisors, Gail Puttock.

Gail, is one of our experts on the Qdos HR advice line who can now add published author to her list of talents. Following the death of her beloved dog, Dylan, Gail and her husband decided that the only way to fill the gap was to have another dog.  Charlie joined the family and has since provided much amusement.

Charlie Chuck-Chuck’s Duck Adventure is a children’s rhyming story about Charlie – a cute and very nosey puppy, who gets up to various adventures.  This is the first of, hopefully, many stories about Charlie which originated after Gail was cleaning out her garden pond when Charlie decided to jump in after a ball and have a swim. Chuck is short for Charlie in America.

Good luck Gail.  We look forward to reading more.