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The Qdos Group

Qdos Consulting, in conjunction with the British Chambers of Commerce, deliver a series of seminars on National Living Wage backed by the Cabinet Office

National Living Wage Graphic

The seminars developed and led by Qdos Consulting in early February and also scheduled for early March are part of a campaign of awareness to aid small businesses in their understanding of The National Living Wage; the effects of the changes, how it would impact their business and how to plan for the future. David Barratt, Head of Operations at Qdos Consulting continues to lead the discussions at several of the events across the Midlands.

David was included as part of HM Government’s awareness campaign for the changes coming in to effect 1st April 2016, with a snippet from David being shared on the cabinet’s East Midlands social media account on 2nd February (insert above).

Qdos Consulting has led the way with raising awareness on legislative changes within both the general business community and direct clients alike. This includes the production of a dedicated publication QFocus, on the topic of the impacts of the National Living Wage, which can be downloaded here.

For more information on the National Living Wage and its impacts, contact Qdos Consulting or visit HM Government National Living Wage website here.